Hidden Markov Model Development Kit

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A hidden Markov model (HMM) is a stochastic model mainly used to describe random temporal processes or sequences of symbols. It is one of the primary tools for speech recognition/language processing, on-line handwriting recognition, and biomolecular sequencing. The purpose of this project is to improve on the open-source HMM library I wrote several years ago, HmmLib, and to build a complete development environment for HMM-related tools.

HmmSDK consists of a core library, HmmLib, and a few additional utility libraries and tools. All tools/libraries are written in Java.

HmmAnt is a library of Ant custom tasks used throughout the project.
HmmLib is a core HMM class library. It provides implementations of essential functions of (discrete) hidden Markov models, including Forward-backward, Viterbi, and Baum-Welch algorithms.
HmmBox is a text or console-based test tool. It can also be used as a general-purpose "shell".
HmmGUI is a GUI library based on Swing.
HmmIDE is an integrated development environment for building tools which use HmmLib.
HmmWeb is a HTTP/servlet library used to expose the HMM core functionalities to the web.

Project Bookmarks

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Project Announcements Archive

Project Status
HmmSDK | Main
We are currently working on uploading the existing codebase to the CVS repository on SourceForge.net. (Note that currently only the HmmLib and HmmBox modules are actively being developed.)
HmmSDK | Web
The first draft has been staged on this site.
To-Do List
HmmSDK | Main
  • Lots of things...
HmmSDK | Web
  • Needs to implement a CGI module to handle FAQ submission.
Software Requirements
General Requirements
  • Should conform to open standards.
  • ...
HmmSDK Features
  • Efficient implementation of core functions: Forward-backward, Viterbi, and Baum-Welch algorithms.
  • ...
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